Care Support MK have been providing outcomes-based and person-centred Supported Living Services for people with Autism and Learning Disabilities since 2012. We provide BILD accredited training, Autism Awareness and Positive Behaviour Support training to support with complex needs, Autism and Learning Disabilities.

We deliver augmented communication training, specifically in the Picture Exchange Communication System. This enables staff to effectively engage with the Service Users they support.

Learning Disability Services



Service Users and family members complete feedback questionnaires every 6 months and we utilise this data to identify areas of improvement. Our Directors analyse data monthly and create action plans to improve services. Each individual has a section in their care file entitled 'What is Important to Me', as we understand the importance of providing as much freedom and choice as possible, allowing us to provide personalised, innovative care.



We contact Service Users’ friends and family members quarterly  (minimum) via phone and/or e-mail to check satisfaction levels, and see if they would like any changes made to care plans. This proactive approach allows us to identify which aspects of the service are most highly-valued by the families of service users. This also allows us to get ahead of potential issues and rectify them before they even become a problem.

Supporting Professionals

We are able to provide excellent specialist training in-house. Our Director's experience and knowledge enables him to design bespoke training courses for Care Workers based on each Service User’s individual needs. We work hard to support staff to feel valued and motivated in their role. We have an ongoing monitoring system so that we are aware of when staff require training refreshment or additional training.

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