Our Governance

Evidence Based Care and Effectiveness

Care for individuals who use our services is based on research and evidence from respected sources. We subscribe to leading bodies such as The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE), British Institute of Learning Disabilities (BILD), United Kingdom Home Care Association (UKHCA) for guidance on the provision of excellent care.

Education, Training and Continuing Professional Development

We believe that our staff must have specific knowledge in order to provide the best possible care to our service users. We therefore provide many opportunities for staff to update their skills, keep up with the latest developments and learn new skills from our Positive Behaviour Management Trainer, Speech and Language Therapist and Psychologist.

Risk Management

Risk management is about minimising risks to our services by:

  • Identifying what can and does go wrong during care

  • Understanding the factors that influence this

  • Learning lessons from any adverse events

  • Ensuring action is taken to prevent recurrence

  • Putting systems in place to reduce risks

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We are committed to the continued review of our clinical performance, the refining of our practice as a result and the measurement of performance against agreed standards.

We do this by having a robust clinical governance strategy and structure, in turn, this enables us to have a systematic approach to maintain and improve the quality of our care provision.

We ensure that accountability and responsibility for clinical governance is widely understood to encourage compliance throughout the team. Our governance processes address errors if and when they occur, using root cause analysis following any incidents, including safeguarding incidents, to understand lessons learnt and prevent issues arising again.


Staffing and Personnel Management

At Care Support MK we understand that staffing and personnel management is vital to our ability to provide high-quality care. We seek to recruit and retain highly skilled staff and train them to work as an efficient team and in a well-supported environment. We choose to use permanent staff instead of agency, which improves our service by providing continuity of care for our service users.

Service User and Stakeholder Experience and Involvement

We aim to gain an understanding of the priorities and concerns of those who use our services by involving them in our work, including our policy reviews and planning. We collect feedback from the individuals we support and stakeholders through our review meetings, Key Worker meetings, and feedback surveys. We also monitor the views of individuals we support through the complaints and compliments system. 

Clinical Auditing

Our MDT uses Clinical Auditing to constantly monitor the quality of the care we offer. It allows us to compare our performance against minimum standards and service specifications and identify opportunities for improvement. Changes can then be made, followed by further audits to see if these changes have been successful.

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