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Functional communication assessment revealed that
Joe loves having a cup of tea and he often stops a challenging behaviour such as banging his head on the wall when he is offered one. 
Joe's headbanging was a way of requesting for a cup of tea. 

The intervention plan included the following elements:

  • Initially, Joe was taught to use Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) to request a cup of tea

  • Thereafter, Joe was taught how to make a cup of tea by himself in a sequence of small, easy steps

Eventually, Joe was able to make a cup of tea whenever he wanted. The need to have a staff member with him all the time reduced as he had learned more independent skills and he was no longer self-harming.


Jenny often urinates on her clothes when Margaret, her favourite support worker, is going home. She is then supported by Margaret to change her clothes before Margaret eventually finishes her shift. Attention from Margaret initially was thought to be maintaining this behaviour.

However, Functional Behaviour Assessment indicated that Jenny did not know when Margaret was going to come back to work and this anxiety may have led to Jenny wetting herself.

The intervention plan included the following elements:

  • A social story was used to explain to Jenny that staff do not live with her and would need to go home after supporting her

  • Jenny was taught how to predict events using a visual schedule so that she knew which day and time Margaret was going to support her next

  • The next time Jenny did not urinate on her clothes when Margaret was going home, she received a phone call 10 minutes later from Margaret to say well done!

Over a 4-week period, the behaviour ceased and it was possible to fade out the phone calls.

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