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Our commitment to educating, training and the continuing personal and professional development of our personnel is important to our organisations aims, values and objectives. This begins with new employees to Care Support MK and continues throughout their employment with opportunities for completing QCF and other qualifications. For new starters we offer:

  • Induction process, which is a planned and systematic introduction to our service

  • Structured and phased period of probation in which a mentoring system is in place

  • Introduction to the value base of our service and to service users and their individual support requirements

This ensures that our staff are supported effectively during their employment and that they receive supervision, information and training that will enable them to support our service users in a safe and respectful manner.

This training is a legal requirement for all staff and ensures that our service meets the minimum legal requirements. This includes courses such as Manual Handling, Health & Safety, Equality & Diversity, Basic Life Support and Safeguarding of Vulnerable People.

This training is compulsory within our service and directly relevant to the type of service that we provide. This ensures that staff have the essential knowledge and skills required to provide the appropriate level of care to the people that we support.

This training is required at our service to understand the particular support needs of each and every individual. This enables staff to learn and understand more about the individual and subsequently develop innovative and positive ways to provide them with the best possible support.

This is further specialist training that provides additional knowledge and skills for staff supporting people with challenging behaviour. In the unfortunate event that an individual require physicals support, it is essential that staff are able to manage this in a safe, positive way.

BEhaviouR Management

Bespoke Training

Mandatory Training

Statutory Training

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